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Priyanka Gandhi – You’re a Goddess, believe yourself and you can do wonders!


Priyanka Gandhi – BMS Graduate, entrepreneur The Social Bowl

Breaking all the barriers when my friends just either did a post-graduation or a 9-5 job, I told to myself I was meant to do something else, something different. Well a 19 year old started her own company, a small firm called The Social bowl. I am 22 now and still feels very fresh.

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Everyday there’s a new lesson, everyday feels like a new beginning. However , things weren’t as easy as I thought things were, as of Boys/Men of my age or even slightly elder would get away with things easier and I was always looked up on as ‘yeh too bacchi hai”, for which i would just smile and say you’ll call me one day and we will work together. It took about a year to have that stability but those were the toughest and the most beautiful months of my career. Every learning just made me a stronger person than I was.

Not having your family around, living alone, heartbreaks etc. But every day I woke up and told to myself you are a strong independent women, you can do this! Well I did it…

I didn’t listen to people’s doubts over ‘yet another employee’? You always have to recruit people ahead to provide for scale. So having that confidence and recruiting ahead of growth was key.

For all you ladies out there who think you can do nothing , you’re wrong , you are gifted , you’re a goddess, believe yourself and you can do wonders!

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