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Priya Nath and Sonam – Extend help and guidance to as many women

Priya Nath and Sonam – Entrepreneurs Patna Shots, a lifestyle channel.


We believe that any woman can feel empowered the moment she recognizes the power she already has and makes the most of it. It starts the moment she stops waiting for someone else to hand the power to her. It is this realization and shift of mindset that has turned us into the women we are.

From pursuing an unconventional career to defying social norms, both of us have tried hard to empower ourselves in almost every stage of life. However, we had our fair share of obstacles too. During our college days, almost 10 years back, it was not very common for parents in Bihar to send their daughters outside the city for a job or higher education. But both of us managed to defy the odds and went to Pune for a job and further studies.

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Today, we have taken up YouTubing as a career option which again, isn’t a very common thing in a state like ours. We run a channel named Patna Shots on which we post lifestyle videos about our life in Patna. Being women, being YouTubers, we continue to face stereotypes at every stage but what is making us move ahead is the realisation that we have the ‘power’ and we can build upon it.

We are aware of the fact that we were privileged enough to have the opportunities to do what we did. And therefore, we have committed ourselves to take the cause of women empowerment forward by extending help and guidance to as many women as possible who are looking for the right encouragement.

From working on gender equality with corporates to making our voices heard over certain women issues, we are trying our best to make a difference on our level. All in the hope that one day more women will realise what they are capable of and get a chance to do what they want to do.

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