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Neha Nagpal – I gather strength from distress.

Neha Nagpal – an artist and entrepreneur for hand-painted and handcrafted Home Decor products.


In today’s world, I feel it’s essential for women to make a name of their own. After all, it’s no longer a man’s world. Our family always laid emphasis on education. I was given the freedom to choose a career which resonated with my interests in life. Women are multi-taskers who balance work and home beautifully. 


The most important quality one must possess is self-respect. It’s essential to have respect and belief in oneself in order to face challenges and succeed in life. 


It’s important to have a set of principles that define your life. A woman must also have a set of goals, whether that’s targeted towards a family life, career or both. A life without goals is meaningless. It’s necessary to stand up for yourself. It’s essential to own up to the consequences of your own life. It’s easy to blame others, but the one thing I’ve learnt is that owning up to your mistakes only makes you better. 

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I gather strength from distress. I know giving up is not an option. What keeps me going is the faith that eventually things work out for the best. In those weak moments, when I feel dejected at times, I choose to quickly change my focus and count on my blessings. I refuse to get bitter even in the worst circumstances. I’d rather face and overcome challenges with all the strength in me. I’m thankful for the hardships, for they’ve made me realize the importance and value of all the good things in my life. 


I don’t believe in competing with anyone, whether it’s in my personal or professional life. The only competition I have is with myself.


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