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Leena Duwadi – Faith is the biggest power.


Leena Duwadi – Editor in Chief, WittyFeed / Content Head of US Operations Vatsana Technologies

If a person has a vision for self, and the courage to make it happen, this is what I call empowerment. For me, dignity is empowerment. And I am proudly enriched with this virtue.

I had tough times when I started my career in media. It was in 2004 when I had to face a lot of criticism, people thought girls who work in the media sector are ‘not good’. My family and near ones did not like me for the choice I made.

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I have always believed, faith is the biggest power, if you have faith in yourself, you do not change your priorities on the basis of others’ opinion. Also, you will have to be your best companion because there will be times in life you will need yourself the most when you do not have anyone around.

Besides making my life better, I want to positively influence girls and women around the world to believe in their dream life and gather courage to fight for it. I lived for myself, not for others, even for family. Those people who used to bash me for the choice I made, are the ones who praise me now when I appear in any event or media coverage.

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