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Disha Gupta – Never let yourself down and never give up

Disha Gupta – Senior Executive with a Public Relations Company

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I started working from the age of 19 in a start-up newspaper in my hometown. I was not a degree holder from any top notch college. Hence, it was quite challenging to get my kind of work. I worked with the few publications, Radio channel but hard luck, i was bogged by the kind of unwanted work which was only pushing me behind.

6 Years down the line, I moved my base to Bengaluru all the way alone in the hope to see a new sunshine. Though, the hardships were still not over, I would walk down every day under the sun to reach office so that I could save some penny to survive in the city.

“Hard work counts over success” and finally the city welcomed me. Now I feel settled and will continue to choose the same profession.

“I have learnt to be thick-skinned person to be fit in this competitive world”, I may not be the women whom we admire on TV, social occasions but i can admire myself in daily chunks of life.

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It’s not important, how attractive l look from my outside but the fact remains, how beautiful I feel inside because “Happiness is Beautiful”.

“Included Hoola-Hoop in my Hobby list along with soft form of exercise” the current relationship of our lifestyle & health have reached to an alarming stage where exercising should be a part of our daily schedule and trust me it really boost me up and keeps active.

Being a woman, I stood up for myself and prioritized my profession. It’s my mantra for long lasting success journey and makes me feel an Empowering Indian Woman. So, “Never let yourself down and never give up”.

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