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Chetna Vasishth – Empowerment is recognising the power that we have within us

Chetna Vasishth –  A TEDx speaker and the founder of ‘Learning Tree’ a training platform for corporates. She is also the founder of ‘ChetChat’, India’s largest online chat show in the career and education space.


Empowerment to me is recognising the power that we have within us and to trust that power. To rely fully on ourselves and keep moving in the direction of our dreams without waiting for external support. True women empowerment is about women providing strength to everyone around them because that is the real power we have.

As an empowered woman I know that I am not perfect. In fact, each time I mess up, I learn from my mistakes, and I am not afraid to get back on track after a disappointment. I am willing to take risks, try new things, get creative with my work and I work hard to ensure that those risks pay off. I have built my little empire brick by brick.

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Being empowered means being determined, confident, and fearless. To move through life with passion and zest. My main goal is to be the truest, greatest version of myself every day.

But with great power comes great responsibility. A truly empowered woman goes way beyond claiming and exercising her own rights. She knows she can have an impact on the greater community and works towards the service of a much larger goal, much greater than herself alone.

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