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Chandni SSahu – Everyone has the power inside them

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Chandni SSahu – Fashion and Costume Designer for the glamour world.

Fortunately, my  Mom is herself an example of how a Woman should be empowered at any age. I feel it’s difficult to make certain decisions in life but when you listen to your gut and make a choice everything just works out for the best. Everyone has the power inside them– it is important to know this. I believe self-esteem comes from being able to define the world and live life on your own terms and to refuse to be pressured by the judgment of others.

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I feel empowered with the qualities of  the different goddesses in one form. Like Saraswati, the goddess of music, learning and wisdom. The inner strength of goddess Durga which can enable a woman to achieve what the world thinks is impossible for them. Like goddess Laxmi, women are endowed with the qualities of beauty, wealth and prosperity.

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