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Anuja Kapur – Being empowered is about being self sufficient and not a victim.

Anuja Kapur – Criminal Psychologist

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I have a strong belief that each and every one of us on this earth has a specific purpose to serve and me being an empowered women knows her purpose and utilizes each and every day to follow that intent. I have always considered it my birthright to have personal goals, motivation, dreams and also to do everything in my power to achieve them”. She also further stated that Self-assurance, intelligence and fierce determination are the three tools that have helped her to achieve the position she is in today.

As an empowered woman I feel we should not only claim our rights, but also exercises them. We should not be afraid to let go of anything or anyone that holds us back. Experiences and people who do not support, uplift, or inspire us as women are demoralizing and have no space in our inspiring lives.

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When it comes to general issues, gender biasing is one that has always been unnoticed. It has always been my primary object to support woman’s interests and improve the quality of their lives, as it is absolutely important. Every women is gifted and can contribute significantly to the nation’s economy. The eagerness to work for people has led me to love and work towards an empowered society. I have undoubtedly promoted the saying that there is no specific time to do the right things, as any time is the right time.

Always being vibrant and enthusiastic I have always aided my work for the betterment of the society and promoted women empowerment. My orientation towards life is what designs my personal goals. Being convinced and astute, I have made sure that my every decision is destined towards ambition. Since the beginning of my career, I have addressed several social causes in various sections of the society which helped me receive great recognition and accolades. It is my never ending pursuit to bring a change in the way people think and would also like to unite them to stand for a better and empowered cause.

Being empowered is about being self sufficient and not a victim. It is about reasoning critically and not merely just accepting what is delivered to you. Empowerment also gives you the courage for what you believe in and stand up to it no matter what the circumstances are. Most importantly, empowered means staying true to yourself.

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