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Syed Afshan Qadri – I have spoken and acted from my inner knowing

Syed Afshan Qadri – Aviation industry


Being born and brought up in Kashmir, which we call the disputed territory, it becomes hard for a woman there to talk about their rights and raise their voices. From childhood,  I set my mind that I’m not going to be crushed because of the mentality around. I learned Martial arts in my school and won even a bronze medal at national level, which was huge for me.

Today, I definitely see myself as an Independent Indian woman because I was questioned at so many points of my life, it was about my character, my upbringing, my way to living life and lot more. I was even locked into my house for the things I Never did at a very critical point, and the only thing which got me out of it was my inner strength which kept me pushing hard. After that incident, I became more powerful and made my mind not to care about the negatives and stay focused on the positives only, which has lead me to where I am today.

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I will be 29 this year and I’m single because I really don’t need anyone to pamper me as I am used to to do it myself whenever needed.

There has been a time when I wasn’t having any work in hand and no one in my family or friends know this. I was in Delhi and to survive in Delhi without work when you are living alone away from home, it’s difficult to manage, but I’m glad I came over that period of my life as well, which made me mentally strong. At a very young age, I made my own rules and myself author of my own experiences.

At every step of my life, I have spoken and acted from my inner knowing, trusted on my intuition and haven’t been afraid to own it.

I have taken a stand for everything in my life because I had belief in self, because of which everyone around me is proud of it. And I felt proud of myself when I started seeing it in my parents eyes. So all I can say is to all the women out there, be what you are and have faith in yourself, work hard, value your passion, and take responsibility of your life.

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  1. Be bold and be on the Right path every possibility of success is yours…. Allah bless U always and guide for the best.
    Keep in touch…..90B80A000G…. If u make it UR a Great Personality
    .Dr Feroz Khan


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