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Samapti Das – Keep pushing yourself forward

Samapti Das – Media Professional


I am an empowered woman because my parents taught me to pave my own path. From getting me admitted to the best school available in my hometown to send me out to a different city to pursue my career, they stood like a pillar against all odds of the conservative society or the financial crunch.

An empowered woman is not only someone who earns or someone who is educated or someone who wears western clothes or speaks English. But she is the one who dreams and fights against all odds to fulfil them, someone who tries to make her own identity, fights for her own rights and does what she wants to do and not what others expect her to do.

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Going out for late night events or travelling forms a major of my profession which of course was not looked at as a positive thing by many, especially after marriage. But my best friend for a decade and now also my husband for the last 3 years encourages me to stay focused on what I want in life and not care about what others think or say.

People might call you spoilt, the quintessential “bigdi hui ladki” but do what you want. Dream, love, laugh and be thankful to the pillars of support of your life. Keep pushing yourself forward even when the difficulties in life try to pull you down. Let people judge you but you don’t judge them, just past across them with a smile on your lips and self-confidence in your heart.


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