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Matuli Madhusmita Swain – I choose to LIVE BEING ME

Matuli Madhusmita Swain – Marketing and Communications expert

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Why would I believe that I am an empowered woman ?  In the context of the plural word ‘WOMEN’, I’d say it as:

  1. W – Wisdom – I am fortunate to be living in an era where technology and time have made it possible for us to connect and share our wisdom, our learning and lessons with the world. Information is at my finger-tips and I carry with me the wisdom of women across the world who are facing similar challenges and coming up tops.
  1. O – Opportunities – Plenty! Women are taking the lead and having the social support system to back their dreams. I have the power of CHOICE and that empowers ME to act better, do better and live better.
  1. M – Money – I am blessed to be living in a time where financial independence of women is being lauded. I am an economic change maker, a contributor and that is hugely empowering and humbling. This is an opportunity that I hope every woman in India gets, in ways big and small. To be their own breadwinner, by choice. Not merely by chance.

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  1. A – Authenticity – As a woman today, I have the ability to embrace myself fully. To shatter the conventions and social myths. This is a small step towards body positivity, being real and being ME. My lessons, my wins, my learning , my growth. Never in the history of mankind, have ‘women’ had a better chance in asserting their place, power and position in the society. To fuel the way for other women to follow. This is my TIME and I choose to LIVE BEING ME.

  2. N – Net – Here , I refer to the internet. The biggest game changer ever, and I have both the power and the courage to navigate it wisely. Technology has made my life better, though I have to be wise to use it well.

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