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Jasminder Shaktiman Brishan – When a woman tolerates, she is not weak.


Jasminder Shaktiman Brishan – Senior Manager, Global Travel and Sourcing

The word “Indian Women” itself is inspiring, encouraging and makes me proud. It’s an identity that spurs an individual.

With me turning 50 this year, being married for 31 years with 3 grown up boys and working as a Senior Manager, Global Travel and Sourcing, I feel being empowered. The credit goes to my family (all men). They give me the strength and courage for being a woman of worth. I am loved, respected and above all given the authority to make my decisions.

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Empowerment comes not by demand or force or proving to the world that I am an achiever.  It’s when you are happy, satisfied of whatever you do, you feel empowered.

Bold/brave meaning courageous, enabling yourself to handle the situation. That’s letting yourself being empowered.  It’s the circumstances, situations, support that makes a woman being empowered. In the Bible we see many stories of women who were graceful, strong and gained honor.   I always agree that God created women with much thought, a nature that is (loving, strong, patient, emotional, forgiving, supportive). Difficult to find so many natures in man.

When a woman tolerates, she is not weak. When a woman takes up responsibility of the home, she is not naïve, she is building her home her surrounding safe from dangers of life. She is an empowered woman to be loved, respected and appreciated.

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