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Anjali Wadhwa – Being your true self and doing what you love is the real empowerment.


Anjali Wadhwa – Writer, an aspiring world traveler and co-founder of a travel blog Cheerful Trails.

I have been a very optimistic person and always focused on creating my own paths at all levels as an individual, a student, a professional, etc. I have always been a positive ray or a ray of hope in my family being the eldest daughter and guiding everyone. Having been judged a lot of times by the society and people around me for the choices I have made had once made me create my own shell. There was also a period of time when I couldn’t express myself, felt a bit shaky and unable to make my voice heard. I realized this was all due to my inner inhibitions.

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I came out of all this when I gathered the courage to let go things that used to hold me back. I started a blog that focused on the thing I enjoyed the most and that was traveling. I have set a very passionate goal of becoming a successful writer and expanding my horizons as a content creator on which I have been investing my time and resources. It’s always better to ignore negativity around you, know your self- worth and stop seeking validations from others.

Do something that keeps you motivated, makes you happy and uplifts you, whether you are a housewife, a mother or a professional. Never let any pain diminish your spirit. I know it’s easier said than done, I have been there, but I believe if I can come out of that shell then anyone can. We as women need to be really strong and resilient to survive in today’s generation where we are constantly being told what to do and what not. It’s us who have to take our own responsibility, nurture ourselves and be capable of inspiring and empowering others.

Keep learning and training yourselves on the aspects that may lead you towards your goal and boost your confidence. For me the biggest achievement would be accomplishing my goals, inspiring others and living my life the way I have always dreamt of. I feel empowered when I say that I am living my life on my own terms, I have the courage to face my flaws, I am doing what I love and I feel totally happy with the choices I have made. This is because I believe in myself and my instincts. Being your true self and doing what you love is the real empowerment.

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