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“I am very comfortable with my body” – Pushtiie Shakti

The extremely talented actress Pushtiie Shakti has left no stone unturned to entertain the viewers with her exemplary acting skills. Over the years, her sense of humor has been appreciated and praised by the masses. Currently, the actress is seen in Culture Machine’s popular channel Blush’s video – ‘It All Starts from Within’, where she is being showered with love by the spectators, for her performance.

Pushtiie Shakti

Speaking on Blush’s video ‘It All Starts from Within’, the actress quipped, “The concept of ‘It All Starts From Within’ is beautifully crafted because girls who are not thin do go through such situations in life where they are being rejected due to weight issues and how they look. Even in my life, I have had comments like – You have such a beautiful face, and you are such a brilliant actress, wish you were thinner, we would have given you the lead character.”

Furthermore, she elaborated, “Well that’s not it, I have even got a marriage proposal with the statement – ‘We have found a fat guy for you since even you have a heavy body, he will suit you.’ I just don’t understand the entire logic of having only a fat partner or being cast only for comic roles.”

“I am very comfortable with my body and if at any point I feel the need to look different I will definitely work towards it. People need to open their mind to look at me as a human being and an actor instead of just a fat girl” concluded Pushtiie.

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