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WOW Woman – Moitrayee Bhaduri

By Aryeman

Are you heading in a new direction? Or you need to revitalize your energy? Amid storms of negativity, your mind is cluttered about what the future holds in store for you. At times, we are paralyzed by fear or the lack of clarity for the road ahead. We certainly need the words and encouragement that fuel our life. Finally, you see that spark which is your actual true calling, something you are destined to be.

That’s a nutshell capsule of the life of writer-author Moitrayee Bhaduri. Our meeting by chance was at a Screenplay Writing workshop, we shared the lunch seats together. There was an instant connect which continued over Facebook. Super-talented for sure, Moitrayee’s story on how she made the crucial decisions in her life will inspire you to be a WOW Woman in 2019.


  What do you consider the main achievements in your life?

 There are three events that are close to my heart:

  1. First book and first book launch: It was a dream-come-true when my first book ‘The Sinister Silence’ was published. It received critical acclaim and excellent reviews from book-lovers and went on to become a bestseller. My first ever book launch at Mumbai in front of a packed audience was very special. All copies of the book available at the store were sold that day.
  2. Reward from the corporate world: Out of the several awards I received in my 14-year-old corporate career, two are very special -The Manager’s Choice Award at IBM for ‘Putting the Client First’, and the ‘Best Internal Brand Ambassador Award’ at RS Software.
  3. Being a college topper. I was honored to receive the Class Prize and Medal in college for excelling in academics.

What qualities do Women need to imbibe within themselves to be more Empowered and successful in life?

  • Confidence and a never-give-up attitude
  • Uninhibited and independent thinking
  • Getting rid of the constant feeling of guilt

What drives you to be at the Top of your Game? What are your success strategies?

I am a work-in-progress writer and have a long way to go. It wasn’t an easy decision to forego a rewarding corporate career and switch to writing full-time. My passion for writing is the biggest driving force. I believe that when we stay true to our work, success follows. Having a plan to reach your goal and diligently working towards it always works.

Have you dealt with failure? If so, how did you overcome it and re-surge when all the chips were down?

Yes. I believe that anyone who has not experienced failure has not tasted success.


My biggest setback was not being able to join the Indian Police Service because I failed to crack the civil service entrance exams. All my life I had only wanted to be an IPS officer after all! I was disillusioned and directionless for a couple of years.

So what made you quit a corporate job and move to being a full-time writer?

Reluctantly, I joined the IT industry as a writer. Over the next 14 years, I worked with several IT giants in various writing and people-managerial roles and had an extremely gratifying experience.

My decision to quit the rewarding career was risky but I took the plunge to write my book. I met failure again as my manuscript was rejected by many publishers. I had hit rock bottom but didn’t give up. Finally, Srishti Publishers selected the book and gave life to my protagonist, private detective Mili Ray.

I have realized that failure is unavoidable but I also have the strength to recollect myself and forge ahead.

It is important for us to recognize the power of men in supporting women. Is there a man who has played an instrumental role in your personal growth and success? Who are they and how did they influence you?

My husband has been a solid support through my struggling years. Without his support and encouragement, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue a full-time writing career.

Which 3 Indian women have inspired you in your life and why?

MB with mom.jpg

  1. My mother has been a constant source of inspiration due to her positive attitude. I have seen her struggle through tough phases of life but never give up. A brilliant writer, she recently published her first book at 65!
  2. Kiran Bedi has been an idol since childhood. Her focus and commitment to work is fascinating. Brave, fearless, courageous – she is extremely inspiring.
  3. Indra Nooyi for her conviction and leadership skills and for being the powerhouse of energy that she is.

Which causes related to Women would you like to support?

  1. Women’s education
  2. Work towards reducing and preventing crime towards women


3 tips to Women to be successful in life.

  1. Stay focused
  2. Be happy
  3. Don’t give up

Your motto for Women Empowerment

Stay focused and be the architect of your own life.

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