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The truth about the Ranbir-Alia rumoured affair!

By Aryeman

Karan Johar surely knows how to get the grapevine buzzing with news and trickles so that his films are always in the news. While most directors feel it’s not right to speak about the film, KJo loves to make a noise so that the suspense element builds up the audience curiosity and much-needed hype for the film before the release.


Well, yes…all these rumours about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt being a cozy two-some is all part of the PR machinery which is being fuelled to keep Karan’s next film production ‘Brahmastra‘ in the news. Well, we all know they make a cute couple but surely Ranbir is not ready to get knotty with a kid like Bhatt.

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The couple have been seen clicking pics with Rishi and Neetu in New York but that’s just part of the romance build-up. Till the time the film is ready for release there will lots of gossip which will have to be cleared by the star couple to the media.

So don’t go ga-ga over the cuteness overloaded couple, Ranbir surely will finally tie the knot with someone only after mama Neetu gives the final YES!

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