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Deepika’s strict instructions to Ranveer on his Wedding wardrobe.

By Aryeman

He’s been over-the-top, outlandish and almost crazily quirky when it comes to his wardrobe on the red carpet. Ranveer Singh loves to play it to the gallery and somehow carries out his colourful wardrobe adequately well.


Close sources to Deepika Padukone’s clan have confirmed that the bride-to-be has categorically put her foot down that Ranveer ‘will have a classy wardrobe for all the marriage functions. All his designs for most of the functions they are planning have to go through Deepika before Ranveer’s designer starts his work’.

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Knowing the classiness which Deepika has always exhibited at all her events, she is ensuring that her style statement beats all the other Bollywood weddings which have transpired in the recent past. Her only worry was the mis-match she expected from Ranveer. She doesn’t want him to resort to clownish behaviour and she has ensured she has put a stop to it.

Wait and watch for the wedding pictures of this beautiful couple.

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