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Featuring Signature Color-Changing Watch Dial

Fossil, the original innovator of the fashion watch, is proud to bring back the brand’s 1996 classic: The Mood Watch – featuring Fossil’s signature color-changing dial, where the color shown reflects the mood of the wearer. Fossil’s newest celebrity ambassadors – actors Mandy Moore and KJ Apa – are the faces of the re-issued watch, which is available in a men’s and women’s version.

This marks the first time Fossil re-issued a 90s favorite from their archives, taking watch wearers back to those nostalgic days when color-changing retro inspired accessories were all the rage. From Fossil’s Archival Collection, the watch spotlights the 90s culture and style revival taking place everywhere, from the runways to the street.

Fossil’s campaign for the season celebrates authenticity and a creative spirit, captured by the personal aspect of the Mood Watch. Celebrity ambassadors Mandy Moore and KJ Apa feature the watch in the campaign with a blue/green color mode, reflecting their calm and relaxed demeanor.

The Mood Watch is defined by a minimal case that further highlights the color-changing properties of the dial. The case is paired back to an amber leather strap, making for a versatile watch with all the charm of the original.

Featuring a range of six color moods, the decoder on the case back defines the following: Black (Anxious/Excitable), Blue Green (Relaxed/Calm), Dark Blue (Happy/Love), Green (Sensitive), Amber Green (Troubled / Uneasy), & Amber (Nervous/Tense).

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