Relationships & Sex

HIS skin texture says a lot!

By Simran Singh

People with softer hands tend to possess more sensitive traits, while people with firm or rough hands tend to be the opposite.


This might have something to do with the fact that sensitive people often work in careers that don’t necessarily require them to dirty or harshen their skin, and it can tell you some key things about a guy’s personality.

Skin types fall into four categories aligned with each of the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water.

  • Air: Men who work on a computer all day are likely to have air type skin, which is typically soft, but dry. Many women prefer dating air types, and they tend to be sensitive enough to share their feelings.
  • Earth: Men with earthy skin are often involved in manual labor, working jobs that require them to subject their skin to a myriad of harsh conditions, causing it to grow grainy and tough. These men are less likely to share their feelings as freely.
  • Fire: Fire type skin suggests a man who’s athletic and active, but who still has a sensitive side. The skin of their hands tends to feel dry, but not soft like the skin of air types.
  • Water: Men with water-type skin have slightly clammy hands, and are the most sensitive of all four types. Not many men fit into this group, and If they do, it may also indicate laziness.

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