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WOW Woman – Usha Bachani

IMG_20180421_161640.jpgA woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. Carving a niche for herself as an actor and choosing roles that add value to the story line is something which Bollywood and TV actor Usha Bachani has strongly adhered to. She has always stood out with her performance in whatever she has chosen to do.

Over to this WOW Woman who shares some gems of wisdom on how to succeed in life…especially in the glamour field.


What do you consider the main achievements in your life?

The main achievement of my life is being successful and reaching where I am today. When I started my career, it was a male dominated society. To make a position in such a society is my achievement.

What qualities do Women need to imbibe within themselves to be more Empowered and successful in life?

The qualities are believe in yourself. Keep on saying I CAN DO IT then nothing is going to stop you from achieving your goals and aspirations.


What drives you to be at the Top of your Game? What are your success strategies?

To be in top of the game, I believe a lot in destiny. You work towards your goal sincerely and the rest follows. I have never had any success strategies. I believe in hard work, sincerity and believing that you can make it happen.

Have you dealt with failure? If so, how did you overcome it and re-surge when all the chips were down?

Yes I have dealt with failures. I used to be depressed. My relatives told me to stop acting and pick up a job. I was very confused as deep down I wanted to act as I enjoyed what I was doing. But then I started thinking positive. I have survived for 21 years in the industry with pride. And I was back, the pleasure was more coz I was doing meaningful roles which added value to the projects.

It is important for us to recognize the power of men in supporting women. Is there a man who has played an instrumental role in your personal growth and success? Who are they and how did they influence you?

No man played any kind of role in my life.

Which 3 Indian women have inspired you in your life and why?

  • My mom who would only think about us selflessly.
  • My sisters who believed in me.
  • Mother Teresa who always helped others

Which causes related to Women would you like to support?

The causes are childhood marriages, education of girl child, killing a girl child before birth and educating girls to be independent in life and fulfill their dreams.

3 tips to Women to be successful in life.

Believe in yourself, work towards your goal with sincerity and do not lose hope.

Your motto for Women Empowerment.

When the time is right everything falls in place


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