Health & Fitness

Enjoy your exercise, Lose Weight

By Shanayaa Mehta

If you get confused about where to start, just remember: Doing something is always better than nothing so, when all else fails, go for a walk. And, remember, you can set up your program any way you like. A few things you can do include:


  • Splitting your routine. Split your workouts throughout the day and you’ll still get the weight loss and health benefits.
  • Varying your intensity. If you work harder, you can often shorten your workouts, so having workouts of varying intensities can give you more leeway in your exercise schedule.
  • Incorporating other activities. Structured exercise is important, but general activity can also make a big difference in burning calories.  Also called NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis), it just means moving around as much as possible.  It all counts!
  • Be patient. Permanent weight loss is a slow process and so is changing bad habits. Give yourself time to figure out how to make these changes and then give your body the time it needs to lose the weight.

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