Relationships & Sex

Are HIS hands warm or icy?

By Simran Singh

Are his hands icy cold, warm, or simply neutral?

If they feel icy the first few times you get together, this could be an indication that he feels nervous around you, which can be really sweet. He wants to impress you! However, if his hands are constantly cold, it’s likely he has some circulation issues.

hands_12ff77a5-d891-4b46-b1f3-9c86d9298b48.jpgIf his hands are warm, your guy is probably pretty confident! He probably has good circulation, and feels secure about meeting you. This isn’t a bad indication at all! He might feel really great about being with you.

Being able to spot any of these signs in a man’s hands can give you valuable information about who he is really is.

And you won’t have to overwhelm him with tons of probing questions in order to learn more about him!

At least, if you’re willing to give his palms a look …

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