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Chitrangda Singh supports Tanushree Dutta!

Chitrangda Singh spoke up unequivocally expressing her support for Tanushree Dutta.

The actress who had taken a strong stand and walked out of film when director Kushan Nandy insisted on a long intimate sequence with actor Nawazuddin, and allegedly directed her very crudely for the shot.

Chitrangda Singh speaks up (2).jpeg

Empathising with Tanushree the actor said, “I totally support Tanushree and kudos to her for standing up, taking names and saying exactly what happened with her. It takes a lot of guts to do what she’s doing and to be able to come forward after all these years. I’m pretty sure she knew what will happen when she speaks up – the trolling, the comments, the opposition. It’s such a brave step and I totally support her. Whatever her reason is to come out now and not come out then, doesn’t make a difference, what matters is that she’s telling her truth. And if she is, it should be heard, it doesn’t matter when you tell it. There are so many rape or molestation victims who might not have been in a state of mind to talk about an incident when it happened and choose to speak up later. It doesn’t matter when you say it, but if it’s the truth, it has to be heard.”

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