Relationships & Sex

HIS leaning middle finger, what it reveals.

By Simran Singh

Do his fingers lean into each other, bend to the side a bit, or are they pretty straight? Crooked fingers are a bit less than ideal, as this could indicate that he’s holding onto to some long-term issues.


It’s uncommon for people to have perfectly straight fingers, but the straighter the better when it comes to checking for stress.

One of the most common finger bends is located in the middle finger, which is often seen bending or leaning toward the ring finger. This is a sign of a worry or stress related to decision-making, particularly around money and work.

If his pinky fingers are bent, this can suggest trust issues, so if you see this, watch for signs of problems he may have trusting others, as well as on the look out for him his potentially bending or exaggerating the truth.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that severe curves in someone’s fingers may be a result of an accident or breakage when they were younger, so if in doubt, ask!

However, the meaning still applies, especially if it shows up on both hands.

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