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WOW Asia 2018 award winner DJ Paroma shares her success secrets.

By Riddhima

DJ PAROMA is a complete clubbing soul, a night life lover, a bling freak crazy from Mumbai, India. She started off her career as a cabin crew at a tender age of 18 for a very reputed airline. That’s when she flew international for a while and visited a lot of clubs around the world and came across so many different kinds of music.


How exciting is it to be a female DJ in a male dominated industry?

Being a DJ is one of the most exciting job profiles one can have, but if not handled well it will just disrupt everything. I also think basic things are essential to know before becoming a DJ, like how to mix songs, how to interact with the crowd, miking skills, a little bit of technical knowledge would give you the extra edge and would be of help in the long run.

30594193_1276761829125044_4306515191748624384_o.jpgHow important is practical training to be a professional DJ?

There are many software which have been introduced but like I always say they are meant for convenience and should not be used to just get into this. It is also all within you, there are some people who just get into some industry to prove a point with no deep and genuine interest in the field, they fade off soon with time.

Can anyone become a DJ in today’s times?

What matters is that if it is there within you and know you are capable of being a DJ then it takes a lot for a DJ to rock a party, right from a track list to creating a mode and a vibe at the event to the way you play and to interact with the crowd, and in the end seeing a smile on all their faces is the ultimate achievement unlocked. There should be a sense of sound, music and rhythm as well.

What keeps you motivated from continuing as a DJ?

It is the love from people and the respect you receive is what is going to keep you going in life. If you are not grounded this can backfire.  It is such an amazing profession to be a DJ, see everyone dance and give everyone a great time. You need to be patient at all times. You can’t lose patience in the beginning. Just hold on as your hard work and determination will pay off soon someday.

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