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Exposed – Bigg Boss Season 12 Fake couple Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

By Shanaya Mehta

Bigg Boss has always tried to upsurge their TRPs with controversial inmates even if they are commoners. While most audiences are laughing their wits out on the funny Memes which are going viral about the couple, not many know the true facts.

Recently, Kesar Matharu (father of Jasleen Matharu) confided to a news channel that his family is shocked on the ‘affair’ disclosure has only added fuel to the frying pan. Insiders and inmates of the Shivaji Park residence building where Bhajan King Anup Jalota resides have a different story to tell.


Confided an inmate (based on anonymity), “Frankly, we haven’t seen Jasleen enter the building so frequently as they talk about her being his shishyaa for three years. It’s only when the actual shoot footage was being shot prior to the launch that we noticed her”.

Such a revelation surely opens the doors for questioning. Is this so-called couple status just a planned move to get into the house? Industry insiders always insist that Jalota always had a roving eye for beautiful girls whom he used to give big promises to at film parties. He was desperate to revive his fame status too. Adequate proof has been sent to the Bigg Boss team and it’s being said that Salman Khan will actually being grilling the couple of the ‘lies’ they have put forth to get into the house.

All said and done, surely not the right way to seek publicity. Shame on Jasleen Matharu for choosing such an option to get famous.  We totally condemn this!!


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