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Premium tile brand “EvaGres” offers more options


 “EvaGres” is a premium tile brand present in over 30 countries across the globe and with the constant changing scenario and need for Luxury Tile solutions in India, the brand in now being launched in India. It is for the first time a Tile Brand is being launched with a size of 1000 mm X 3000 mm in the country. The brand offers a wide range of products for floor, wall and work surfaces, the brand believes in presenting the consumers with something unique and classy.
EvaGres evolved in the year 2014 to cater to the needs of international consumers with ravenousness for luxury tiles in the European markets, British markets, South American markets and South East Asia amongst others.
To achieve excellent product quality, EvaGres ensures –
• 100% Spanish Digital Glaze & European Glaze for Maximum Reflection Gloss
• Highest Grade of Raw Material
• Ultra-Modern Lamina GEA Slab Technology from System, Italy
• Highest quality of Printing, High depth and varied print effects
EvaGres, with its enriched experience in the international market intends to offer Indian consumers a magnificent blend of Indian tradition and international styling with the
most advanced and innovative porcelain slabs. “EvaGres” intends to offer the newest and unique size formats and will have an aligned approach with trends and styles across the globe.
“EvaGres” offers a wide range of porcelain slabs like the “Evalith”Collection which includes :
1000×3000 – 6mm Slab is a unique size.
There are specific applications for this product and it would surely leave an impeccable footprint in the market.
800×1600-9mm, 900×1800-9mm and 1200×1200-9mm are 3 other sizes that would be launched by “EvaGres” in the first phase.“EvaGres” will have consolidated approach to offer architect centric luxury products blended with conventional grace and styles that ensembles with diverse Indian consumers.

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