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Minissha Lamba’s foray with theatre

AGP World_Mirror Mirror_NCPA_Mumbai.jpg

By Shraddha

India’s largest theatre production company AGP World brings to Mumbai, Mirror Mirror directed by Saif Hyder Hasan starring the renowned Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba. Mirror Mirror marks Minisha’s debut entry into theatre. An ingenious, brilliantly crafted masterpiece, Mirror Mirror is all set to captivate Mumbai audiences on Monday, 1st October at NCPA.

A story of sibling rivalry, Mirror Mirror traces the relationship between identical twins Minal and Maanya. It is a riveting story of a woman placed in the most extraordinary circumstances that forever changes her destiny.

About the play:

Mirror Mirror is a story of sibling rivalry written by the critically acclaimed director, Saif Hyder Hasan. This seventy-five-minutes solo performance traces the relationship between identical twinsMinal and Maanya essayed by Minissha Lamba, enacting the various characters in the play. Minalleads a happy childhood till her sister Maanya, who was living with her uncle, is brought back home. This shakes up Minal’s childhood and sows within her seeds of hate. As she grows up, Maanya’s shadow keeps looming over her. She blames everyone from her parents to her teachers and her friends for preferring Maanya over her. One day teenage Minal after copulation, discovers something horrific that forever changes her destiny – the destiny that she tried designing! In this power packed, edgy, performance, the gorgeous Minissha Lamba in a never seen before avatar, takes us on a hormone driven theatrical performance that you just can’t afford to miss!!

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